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Subcontracted aluminum castings

We specialize in the production of technically 
challenging aluminium castings.

Jo vuodesta 1959 tausta

Since 1959

Specialvalimo J. Pap Oy is a family owned enterprise, 
producing aluminium castings since 1959. We manufacture aluminum castings for several different industries using different casting methods.

Specialvalimo j pap vaakuna

Production methods for different needs


Gravity die casting

Die-casting, i.e. casting by gravity, is best suited for short series and when you want to keep the cost of tooling affordable.

Matalapainevalu tuotantomenetelmä specialvalimo j. pap

Low pressure die casting

Low pressure casting is a good choice for short and long series. Its also great for geometrically challenging castings and the costs are lower than with pressure casting.

Paine tuotantomenetelmä specialvalimo j. pap

Pressure die casting

Die casting makes it possible to manufacture long series. The surface quality is the best possible so the parts do not necessarily need to be machined.

Our special expertise

Erityisosaamisemme taustat
Erityisosaamisemme taustat
Erityisosaamisemme taustat

Design of castings - from prototype to finished product

Simulation of casting filling and solidification

Technical casting solutions

All in one place

In addition to the actual casting work, we are able to offer various services either directly or through our long-term subcontractor partners.

Kaikki yhdestä paikkaa tausta

Services provided directly:

Casting solutions

Casting design




Kaikki yhdestä paikkaa tausta

Subcontracted services:



Heat treating


Ota yhteyttä

Contact us

We welcome work done with existing molds as well as completely new projects.

In the case of new projects, the best result is achieved when the foundry can participate in the design of technical casting solutions from the beginning.

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Niittyrinne 3, 02270 Espoo

+358 9 888 11 88

Business ID 0100289-2

Quotation for aluminum casting

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Specialvalimo Logo valkoinen

Niittyrinne 3, 02270 Espoo

+358 9 888 11 88

Y-tunnus 0100289-2

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